Why you should embrace your Impulses

I’ve been sharing a lot of TED Talks lately, they’re so inspiring. I love that I can spend just  a few minutes of my day watching a short video and come away with a whole new perspective on something, or new tools I can apply to get my more from my life.

Today I want to share this video from Mel Robbins presenting to TEDx. I was drawn to it because of it’s title How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over and it links so well to my posts about goals and building happiness. Robbins speaks about how people can think it’s hard to make a change because it doesn’t just happen, we don’t instantly lose weight if we choose to go on a diet, we don’t instantly learn a language. This is because making a change involves going against our autopilot mode and actively taking time for something new or changing our approach to something. Changes are easier to make though once you know this. She also talks about how if we respond more to our impulses, we’ll get more of the things we want. Watch it right to the end and there’s a perfect example of peoples’ reluctance to respond to impulses, brilliant.


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