I had the idea for Useful Soup last Autumn but it was only in February that I really worked out the blog’s true purpose.

The idea is simple, together we’ll build the confidence we need to realise our dreams.

I find motivation theory really interesting and as somebody who has struggled with confidence myself I like to submerge myself in interesting articles and media around motivation and confidence. I see the two as clearly linked. You might be motivated, but if you’re not confident it’s just not going to work.

I’m always reading about how to live your life to the fullest, how to embrace adventure, and I’m sold, I really am. Like many people, I’d like to take the leap into something new but I can give you far too many excuses and reasons why it won’t work, why it isn’t practical or why I can’t at the moment. The real underlying reason is that I just don’t have the confidence yet. Maybe you feel the same, maybe you know you want a change but you don’t even know what the something new is. My goal is to help make those life changing decisions a reality whether you want to start a new business, change career direction, move to another city or another country or to give up the 9-5 and travel around the world on a yacht.

Useful soup actually started life as a motivational resource for people wanting to start their own business. As an accountant, friends often ask me for advice and I love to help them. I’m hugely enthusiastic when I believe in something and I believe I motivate in this way. Back in 2015 I did some research and wrote some articles for Useful Soup but they were too serious and corporate and never worthy of sharing. They remained private until I truly understood Useful Soup’s potential.

I’m very excited about the adventures Useful Soup will take me on and I’d love to hear from your experiences too so please comment on my blog posts or follow me on Twitter @UsefulSoup

A couple of thank-yous, to my supportive husband who didn’t laugh when I told him I’d started the blog but who instead agreed that it was a great idea; and to my sister who listens to every idea I have and who inspired me through her own success story. You can read her blog here.

Finally, why Useful Soup? Mary Berry said it once and it just stuck. I think of this blog a little bit as chicken soup for the soul, something of an inspirational story, a useful resource for a continuous improvement journey.